BCM Power Manager

Specialized software for input and processing (dispatching) data for power outages (cuts) in electrical grids.
Business activities:
  • Monitoring of high voltage and medium voltage grids, including power lines, substations, transformer stations, switches and grid equipment via grid switching simulation (manual switching without telemetry);
  • Automated reception/processing of switchings from telemetry (under construction);
  • Planning and preparation of a planned outages - Switching plan;
  • Maintenance and update for the current state of grid;
  • Source of up-to-date information for customers with interruptions due to planned and unplanned outages;
  • Integration with billing software for updating all units regarding connected users/customers;
  • Integration of billing software with balance measurements from transformer substations for calculating undelivered electricity power to customers;
  • DMS (Distribution Management System) functions:
  • topological processing (dynamic topological colouring of affected objects)
  • graphic tracing in electrical single-line diagram mode
  • graphic tracing in geo-location mode (under construction)
  • Switch sequence management;
  • Outage Management System (OMS) function:
  • status changes and registering of events;
  • calculation of the duration of power outages for a specific customer or equipment or other key indicator;
  • Pre-warning for planned outages (link to BCM CALL Centre)
  • Report of SAIDI and SAIFI industrial indicators;
BCM Grid Tool
Specialized software for digital description of energy grids and their interconnections - sources, switches (circuit changers), and endpoints with users:
  • Tool for building electric grid in single-line diagram mode;
  • View of substations;
  • Data input for network elements;
  • Tool for building a spatial view of the electric grid (under construction).
BCM Call Center CRM & BCM Planning
Business activities:
  • Automatic notification of teams dealing with outages;
  • Tracking of logistic and fixing of planned and unplanned outages.


Database is implemented with MS SQL Standard Edition 2016;
Business part - ASP.NET MVC Core 2.2;
Customer part - HTML 5, AJAX and JSON;
Authentication and authorization - IdentityServer4 protocols OAuth2, Open Identity Connect as windows service.

Related technologies and tools:

• MS SQL Standard Edition 2016 EF Core 2.2;
• ASP.NET MVC Core 2.2, C # .NET v.7.0.

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