Innovative complex solution for managing communications with customers and partners of each company developed by Varna Data Center specialists.
BCM is SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based solution, which makes it accessible from any place with secure internet connection. To carry out communication, the system uses modern IP-based technologies (SIP + IP PBX) from which its main advantages originate: security, reliability, flexibility, scalability and economy.
BCM modules
  • Customer Relationship Management module (CRM) - customer and/or counterparty information is stored in a database and includes customer file, detailed history of the calls made, description of the events and related tasks;
  • Communication module - implements and register inbound and outbound electronic communication with internal and external customers and partners;  
  • Information and data module – specialy developed inquiry form for campaigns, collecting and processing customer information about any products, services, requests and more;
  • Knowledge base Module – module based on CMS. Possibility to create documents with rich text editor, upload files and photos;
  • Reporting module – preparing detailed reports for the call center activities and quality assessment of employees.
BCM functions:
  • Management and recording of incoming and outgoing calls, emails and etc.;
  • Building and maintaining client accounts history based on contact information and recorded processes;
  • Creating and assigning work tasks (quotas) and generating reports by filtering customer base on arbitrary criteria;
  • Direct control over the process of conducting a telephone call through system interface;
  • Detailed records of all processes related to information services for each contact;
  • Organization and appointment of schedules and tasks;
  • Recording of phone calls.
Making communication via BCM:
  • Support of groups with specific access levels to databases;
  • User groups definition according to various criteria;
  • Management of access levels to customers database;
  • Administration of user access to products, services, campaigns and activities;
  • Fast and Easy implementation of new databases: 
  • customers & partners;
  • products & services;
  • activities & campaigns.
Key Features and Advantages of BCM:
  • Functionality - Easy and convenient interface, requires no deep knowledge in IT field, allowing quick navigation and system administration;
  • Flexibility - only the basic modules can be implemented at the beginning and additional modules and functionalities can be added afterwards;
  • Reliability - recording and archiving of all business communication – with clients and within the organization;
  • Practicality – significantly reduce business costs and improve customer service;
  • Mobility - the application is accessible anytime and from any location with a single requirement - an Internet connection;
  • Cloud-based – fast and easy scaling as per customer needs;
  • Significant improvement of customer satisfaction;
  • Easy and quick deployment - no need to install and setup;
  • Hardware-independent - no special hardware requirements.


BCM is designed as a distributed multi-layer client-server application. Customer part is a desktop application QT Framework 4.8 with integrated browser QWebView and PJSIP v1.12.
Related technologies and programming languages:
HTML 5, jQuery 1.8, Adobe Shockwave Flash.

Communication part includes Asterisk IP PBX with MySQL database and web-based application implemented in ASP.Net Web Forms 3.5, with Backend MSSQL 2012 R2 database server.
Related technologies and programming languages:
C # v3.5, LINQ for SQL, ADO.Net v3.5, XML, .Net Web services.

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